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4-Button Keyfob Remote

The Future of residential home security and home management is NOW!

CO Detector

This product communicates with the security panel and can send alarm, tamper and battery condition messages.

Door/Window Security System

This product is designed for use on doors, windows, and other objects that open and close.

FireFighter™ Listener-Transmitter (FF)

When an alarm is detected a wireless signal is sent to the control panel which in turn contacts the central monitoring station.

Flood and Temperature Sensor

This product is a fully supervised, tamper protected one-way 345 MHz sensor. It will monitor the ambient temperature and will detect a wet/dry flood condition. The sensor reports wet/dry conditions and temperature to the panel.

Glass Break Detector

Monitors for the sound of breaking glass.

Gun Motion Detector

The hardened steel lock is an effective solution to gun owners about unwanted or unauthorized people touching firearms.

Motion Detector

Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Numera Fall Detection Pendant (F1)

Proactive Personal Safety Pendant with Proven Fall Detection

Outdoor Wireless Contact Sensor

Able to handle harsh temperature conditions

Panic Button

Users can mount the panic button in a convenient location.

Recessed Contact Sensor

The Recessed Contact Sensor is the industry’s most flexible supervised door contact.

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